Friday, January 16, 2015

braver than I

through cedar hedge the setting sun sprays
yellow beams that scatter upon snow
dry, cold and bitter this day
while birds peck and dig for substance
wearing only their skin and feathers
that causes me to ponder
how they withstand this temperature
while the flesh of this mere mortal
freezes leaving skin blue
not the blue of water or a summer sky
but a transparent blue with veins
pulsating in disagreement
of my foolishness being outside
filling the feeder to provide
nourishment for those
who can't provide for themselves
yet complaints there are none
from this soul as I hear
only the soft thank yous of
gratitude emitting from the hedge
sung by chilled creatures


  1. This is most beautiful Cheryl. Your talent with words is equally enviable!

  2. I try Barry :) I couldn't help but think of them in the bloody cold and needed a good ramble.

  3. the first two lines instantly tickle me.

    the sun spray beam on us on daily basis,
    yet we must smile back to give love too.

    exceptional poem.

    1. Tickling a reader is a good thing Benji, thank you.


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