Friday, January 23, 2015

January morns - Haiku

Tangerine ribbons
tickle sleeping sun to wake,
refreshing citrus

tiger eyes of dawn
open in violet haze,
sun salutations

crumpled paper clouds
float over the morning sky,
plane trails leave their script

The past few mornings the sky has been delicious and thought provoking until “they” enter asking for this and that. I remain focused on the view until the “hello! Cheryl !   Earth to Cheryl!" chant shatters my peace then work begins ~sigh~    At least I have that moment in time.  


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    1. Thank you Michelle. My second floor office overlooks the river and I tell ya I can get quite led astray with the sunrises.

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    1. Thank you very much John, gotta luv the morns.

  3. Sunrises closer to April and May become gorgeous here (if I can catch them!) .. winter is here for many more weeks so it is hard on garden fanatics .. we have to day dream a lot everyday to get through it !
    Loved the Haiku girl .. I actually put orange essence in my kitchen clean up water to make the kitchen smell wonderful and citrusy ?? haha

    1. So true Joy about the many more weeks, wannhhh, this incessant ccccold is wearing on me so I'll buck up and shout our war cry Je Suis Canadien eh.
      Thank you for citrusy comment, ya got it ;)

  4. I am not normally a fan of Haiku with its tight regulation but your three pieces are excellent. They each convey strong morning images to me laced with the response of the onlooker - namely yourself.

    1. Thank you for visiting Yorkie. I'm either a rambler or a Haikuer, go figure. I enjoy the regs of haiku and find peace in visualizing and counting the syllables with me fingers. It's very calming.
      For me I just need to look around and do my best at describing what I see, feel, and hear and you have picked up on that, thank you again.

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    1. Thank you Benji, refreshing as the view was :)


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