Saturday, April 20, 2013

Affairs of the Heart

Tonight I listen to Affairs of the Heart. A classical composition by Marjan Mozetich. I listen to a lot of classical musical but this piece moves me like no other. Violins and cello’s play in harmony that captures every emotion.

I first heard it on CBC a few years ago and after the one concert I had to have it.  His strings play at me heart, lulls me into serenity; makes me dream. Just when I believe he sends me to heaven, I fall safely to earth on wings of dandelion seeds, gliding downward, slowly spiralling to a soft landing.

The yin and yang between cello’s playing off each other makes me ache, o such emotion he has spun. Waves of strings crash onto the shore, only to be swept out to sea and the cycle continues as they join with a sweet violin, and I know who will sleep soundly this night

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