Friday, May 10, 2013

Sweet Refreshing Rain

Ahhhh, the sweet refreshing sound of water gurgling through the eave troughs makes me smile this night. It’s one of the most comforting sounds I know. Rain quenches plants thirst birthing into life this warm May. A much too warm May.

A week ago Hosta’s were no where to be seen; now they unfurl their leaves. Solomon’s Seal were but buds while I made note to dig and transplant this weekend; now they are 3’ high and beyond moving. Lemon Pennywort, sparse along The Pond now illuminates the area with their thick and brilliant growth. Ethereal ferns stretch and release fronds; flamenco dancers by the stone wall.

This is spring, the one season I relish and thrive in. There is warmth to the earth, clarity of air, songs from nature and vibrancy of colours. Life has renewed itself and so have I.


  1. I waited all winter for this spring to recover in... Michelle

  2. Spring reknews us in more way than one :)


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