Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rogues Retreat

I’ve been on this internet thingie Blogging for over a year now and I never cease to be amazed with peoples Blogs. The diaries, wicked humour, beautiful gardens, poetry, very unusual house listings, stories and overall people just wanting their say, to express themselves whichever way.

A person very dear to me has decided to share his writings. Trust me, the man can write poetry, ponderings, and stories. And so I’m introducing you to him thru his Retreat. Crossing toes the coding works and if not his Blog is under Fellow Ponderers.

His story Dishonour now has two Chapters posted with more to come. If you do pop by, leave him a comment, constructively good or bad. This is how we learn what works or doesn’t. Thank you for your time and eyes. Now back to our regular scheduled programme :D


  1. Thanks for introducing us to another fellow writer. I'm looking forward to reading his work. It's always good to connect to other writers who want their work critiqued constructively:)

  2. Hi again Ponder
    Rogue and I met a week or two ago. I love his enthusiasm for writing and am really looking foward to what happens next in his story.
    I must say too that there is a touch of the sassy about your Monarrrrrda plant. A real character.
    June in Oz

  3. Thanks so much June, enjoy that Rogues tales & you got the Monarrrrrrrda down perfectly :)


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