Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pittie pat, pittie pat

You’re here !
I welcome you with heart a flutter
Pittie pat, pittie pat, o bringer of life

I hear birds rejoice
on the morn walkies
Pittie pat, pittie pat, the song of life

I feel earth warming
uncovering new growth
Pittie pat, pittie pat, nurturing life

I see wonderous colours
as the sun rises
Pittie pat, pittie pat, reflecting life

I smell freshness
while gentle rains bathe me
Pittie pat, pittie pat, renewed life

I touch our beings
welcoming you once again
Pittie pat, pittie pat, as we spring to life


  1. i can relate to that...

    wanted to thank you so much for your loving blessings and good wishes to us both; our healing has come from such sentiments and we are incredibly grateful...thank you, my friend....

  2. Braja :D, so very happy to have you back Cheryl

  3. I can almost hear flowers popping out of the ground !!!!!!!!!

    Rolling and easy on the eyes post. Hello from SpeedyCat :-)

  4. Hmmmmm – you capture the invigorating and healing qualities that comes with the balm of spring! Lovely!

  5. Can ya tell I'm itchin fer Spring Speedy :D

    Thank you Cath, I wanted to capture Spring is such a perfect word after our winters.


  6. Hi Cheryl
    Spring has sprung - I love the gentle little repeated line.
    June in Oz

  7. O that it has June, we welcome it more and more over the years
    Cheers ! Cheryl

  8. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog..I do have your blog in my google reader....Michelle


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