Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Reveal

This blogging world amazes me. In me realm there are artists, writers, gardeners, ponderers, all such wonderful folk. I was asked to contribute a few words to The Artist Challenge for The Reveal Challenge. The following is me pondering :)

The Reveal

The ancient oak stood strong
centred in the grove of saplings
her young, from her acorns
once seeds of a union so intense
it is still whispered on the wind.

Weathered bark peeled away
with each years passing leaving
her body, her mighty limbs
torn twigs, shredded leaves falling
before the season said change

Axes struck sharp and hard
shattering the forest calm while
creatures paused in silent reverence
as The Green Man gathered acorns
revealing their secret for eternal life


  1. Hi Cheryl
    I like the concept of The Green Man ...
    June in Oz

  2. Beautiful, as if you know this tree on a first name basis. Like an old relative you've watched age from prime to majestic. I could feel the woods and see them exactly in my mind. Wonderful piece, as always, Cheryl. And it took me to a place that I love near North Bay.

    ~ Christine

  3. Well .... that was VERY good! It gave my mind images from your words.

    Hello and a hug from Hollydale :-)

  4. Gidday June! The Green Man is an oak spirit forever protecting his forest ;)

    Thank you so much Christine, I believe to be one with nature is to be one with yourself. It has a very calming affect on us, :)

    Speeeeeeeeedy, hiya! Thanks mulchly, I write what I know, hugs you, Cheryl


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