Thursday, April 07, 2011

Robins sing vespers

Robins sing vespers
giving thanks for warm earth
bountiful with food and substance
after a nourishing spring rain.

Mosaic orbs in the garden pulsate
in a kaleidoscope of colours
as the sun sets on another day,
while Robins sing vespers.

Crumpled leaves blow
twirling in the cool breeze
only to set sail on The Ponds surface,
while Robins sing vespers.

Quarter moon wrapped
in the Da Vinci glow
as it has for thousands of years,
while Robins sing vespers.

Spring has arrived this gentle eve
slowly, assuredly, at her own pace
life is refreshed, renewed,
and Robins sing vespers…


  1. and the Robins sing the Vespers. What an absolutely delicious sentence! Lovely Cheryl; simply lovely!

  2. Tis true Rogue, they do. Listen closely this eve. Merci you.

  3. love this piece Cheryl. Indeed spring, an nature,arrives at her own pace. "Quarter moon wrapped in the Da Vinci glow" - exquisite! I wish I had thought of that line myself :) Your love for and undersanding of nature truly shines in this piece. You are a wise soul indeed Cheryl.

  4. awwwww Dan, thank youuuu. I love the Da Vinci glow. It's one of those special celestial moments.

  5. Your words are so beautiful and expressive, I envy your talent.

  6. Well done. It is NaPoWrMo, but I haven't had the energy!
    cheers from Perth.

  7. It is I who envy yours Judy, your creations make me sigh.

    Hiya Jenn! I'm glad you stopped by. Thank you!


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