Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Summers Heart Song

Hungry squeaks from baby Blue jays
safe amongst shrubs;
Plops from frogs cooling off
in the cool ponds water;
Cheerful chortles of Robins
teaching their young to sing;
Snapping of bedding on the line
drying in the warm wind;
Soft nattering of Finches
as they glide thru the trees;
Delightful breeze rustling leaves
as they brush the roof;
Gentle cooing from Doves on high
expressing their love for each other;
Meooorrrrr of a neighbours cat
from a well aimed walnut ;)

Ahhhh, my heart sings this perfect summers day
while Jerryson ponders along side me…


  1. I'm a bit unmotivated for poetry. Good for you!
    But having fun taking photos from *my* pond!

  2. I have pond envy Jenn :)

    Robinnnn, it was a gorgeous day!


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