Saturday, September 10, 2011

Darn, Life is Cruel

After a day of chopping tomatoes, onion, carrots, peppers, garlic, beans, and whatever else I find to make an awesome tomato sauce; moving and cleaning out two over the top composters then spreading the black gold amongst the beds and watering in its life sustaining nutrients, I finally head off to the tub wanting to wash away the grime and soak in warm water relieving the aches. But, I pause a moment to surf channels seeking life and my fingers rest on an hour of Marchesa. O my gawd, is there no mercy!

I sit in filthy sweat pants, stained T shirt, and down right dirty fingers all the while focused on crystals, Swarovski no less; feathers plucked from the most exotic birds; tulle, yards and yards of tulle in wonderous colours and hand tatted lace all tenderly hand woven into magical finery. Hhmmm, perhaps I can shred the sweats and weave pebbles into the leggings. The T shirt could be dyed and the left over sequins from Halloween glued in a funky pattern. The bag of feathers (don’t ask why I have it) may be sewn on for texture. Could my Nikes replace the Louboutins? Even if I paint the soles red? I doubt it.

Darn, life is cruel.


  1. THere is much to do in fall. But I love the changing trees! Our sister trees!

  2. I've spent some time going through you pages. Your poems are pearls, which I admire and enjoy very much. I must say though, the stories of your life around the pond are so enthralling and enjoyable, I find they are my favorite part of your blog. The pond seems wonderful, and the beauty of life that surrounds you is amazing. You write beautifully of the wonder that is life. :-)

  3. Why thank you John. I'm flattered with your thoughts and words. Welcome to The Pond :)


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