Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sometimes I just shake my head...

Sometimes I just shake my head at the goings on at The Pond. Case in point, it was a sunny warm Saturday and after planting all the bulbs, way more than what was planned but after a colourless Winter I NEED colour in the garden. I digress. So I sit on my throne to ponder watching the frogs float about without a care in the world. Suddenly two of the larger ones hop out, sit and proceeded to stare at me. Hooo boy I thought here we go as I was wearing a red T-shirt. Anyone who has been around frogs will attest that wearing red is like waving a red flag at a bull. Strictly a no no. I froze waiting for the charge. Much to my relief, they separated, one heading north, the other heading south, towards the steps. Slowly they made their way to the first step and in unison hoped up onto the first step, one at either end.

Hhhmmmm, I thought, what are they up to. They hopped over to the planters filled with pots of mums. Aha! We’re going to play hide and seek are we. No sooner had I said it, then each in turn sits back craning their necks vertically much like a basketball player eyes the hoop, and up they go. They were a tad slow getting in but they made it. Slowly tip toeing their way thru the stems and flowers only to settle into the cool damp earth.

I related this tale to a few friends and yes the eyes did roll. “uh hunh Cheryl, yep, sure they did” “perhaps the lady doth ponder too much” and yada yada yada. I sighed and rolled my own eyes.
A few days later while outside I took the digi with me, just in case you see. One never knows does one. When I sat with tootsies up, yes you got it, out of The Pond pops one. I remember thinking in my best Elmer Fudd impression, sshhhhh be vary vary quiet, and quiet I was. Come hell or high water I was going to have proof! Slowly she hopped over stopping every few feet to see if I was watching and finally, yes ! finally she jumps as did I with digi clicking.
I was sooooo tempted to give her a wee upsie daisy with my hand but she had obviously done this before.

And yes even with thighs that meaty frog legs are a forbidden item on le menu.


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