Friday, March 02, 2012

Griffin Awakes

Amongst the cold, stark, barren trees
branches spike upward, piercing the sky,
dawn appears, her eyelids flutter, she yawns
focusing on the day ahead, and the Griffin awakes.

Awaking I see her thru the glass, my reflection
in awe, stares as much at her as myself
while she ruffles her coppery feathers
and with eyes afire, her heat thaws rivers ice.

Ice swept away on the rivers renewed current,
water transforms into a black satin ribbon
edged in white velvet of snow, it winds its way
thru creeks and lakes, into its ocean home.

Home she is as talons uncurled and beak as sharp
scratch the shard surface, formed of bitter winds
snow and rain that held us in its strangling grasp
now releases the land into comforting golden embers.

Embers warming my heart for she is the hope
I’ve longed for, yearned for in all these months
of cold, dead winter, she is the one who lives
to spark growth, ignite colour upon this frozen earth.

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