Saturday, October 27, 2012

Witch - Haiku

her incantation
beckons the black winged one
she flies with raven

doubtful with her craft
the mystical orb pulsates
answers sought are nil

plaits of golden hair
severed from eons of growth
wick for her cold hearth

stone faces on the wall
guardians of her threshold
past lovers keep watch

mourning memories
cobwebs become bridal veil
lovers’ desertion

on the crescent moon
black cloak hangs while she soars
a night of spells cast

beguiled bewitching
to her clan she reigns supreme
just an average day

darkness wages war
in her soul of curtains drawn
light will shine once more

green eyed enchantress
juggles orbs in full moonlight
beacons to her love

spiderwort and toad lilies
conjurers garden

gnarled fingers spin pages
seeking forgotten knowledge
ancient time renews

the twisted maple
yearns for snowy owls return
her wings will renew

stencilled pentagram
black upon red floor in home
hubby not impressed

For more witchey poo Haiku, hop on your broom and fly to Haiku Heights.


  1. Excellently done. Loved the ending, too.

  2. What a series of haiku ... you were on a roll. All the haiku are gems.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I could hear the dirge of organ music in the background! really great tale

  4. Love the details and spells here....why is hubby not impressed, she should cast her magic wand ~

  5. Great set! I especially enjoyed the verse 'artemesia spiderwort and toad lilies conjurers garden' I grow all of those plants.

  6. "Hubby not impressed"
    Now that's what I call a great haiku line of all time!

  7. Blimey great series of haiku you have here

  8. "stencilled pentagram
    black upon red floor in home
    hubby not impressed" - what an amazing way to end the haiku ... loved the set !!!

  9. so perfect for Halloween! A smart hubby would know just to agree and pretend to be impressed!

  10. Thank you Anthony, it was a fun scribble.

  11. I was on a roll Kris, the day was perfect for pondering :)

  12. oooooooo organ music! how perfect Joanne

  13. Thank you Barbara, they grow in my garden too and the toad lilies were amazing this year.

  14. A fun closing line Judith ;)

  15. Thanks very much inkie, 13 is a fitting number.

  16. Green Speck, merci. Loved yours !

  17. You would think so Robyn but ya knowwww, ;)

  18. Very nice take on the prompt Cheryl and thanks for visiting my page and leaving a comment. Us Ontarians have to support each other :)

  19. your haiku are truly inspired

    in particular I love 1 and 3 in your series

  20. aloha Cheryl - i like the first ku here. it has strong images and i like the two images that can be played against each other - between incantation bringing forth something with wings and the flight with raven. aloha.

  21. Great imagery and masterfully crafted.

  22. Gidday Stephen and thanks for flying by. You're not too bad yourself :)

  23. poet, the first just rolled off the pen while watching birds, I'm like that. Thank you !

  24. aloha Rick! Sometimes the words just flow and they did that day.

  25. Thanks so much read, I'm rather proud of these :)


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