Saturday, December 22, 2012

After the Storm

You blew for over a day
saturating us with rain and snow,
and the landscape grew whiter and colder.

Soft white snow froze
in frigid temperatures overnight
and axe replaced shovel to regain freedom.

I cursed your unending rage
knowing it was a hopeless attempt  
to control your temperamental torrent.

But tonight when earth is still
I see gnarled branches dressed in popcorn
where squirrels have sipped the refreshing snow.

I hear the blustery north wind
blow through the garden of  ice laden trees
their crystals keep chime with distant church bells.

Bird feeders once barren
now serve food to the starving
resplendent in red, blue, and yellow.

Looking up at a clear star filled sky
I warm to the beauty of this landscape
and forgive your onslaught of a day now past.

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