Friday, March 14, 2014

Froggies need nom nom

It is said everyone has a familiar, an entity sworn to assist a special one in their practice, but sometimes life unfolds in an unusual way no matter the vibes one emotes. This is a tale of one of my many special moments at The Pond.

It unfolded last summer, a wet summer, when lakes and rivers overflowed. With that damp season, creatures which normally settled were nearly vacant. Except for three, fondly named Frogue, Frag and the wee one Frick. Frogue was the male and could be found sitting proudly on the right, Frag, the female took up her position on the left near the bird bath. I still can't figure that out.

The Pond is app. 8' x 6' and two feet deep at the centre, lots of room for floating and swimming but she decided she had to be next to the bird bath, a clay bowl on the edge just for birds. Perhaps she was staking out her claim, as if she was the overlord. But I knew better, it wasn't she.

Midsummer the tiniest of frogs hopped in and stayed and so I named him Frick. He could sit on a twoonie and there would still be room. I have to say awwwww as you would too when you saw him. He was just that cuuuuuuutttttte.

In August I had a major recon, the patio was rebuilt with beautiful flagstone, earth tones as befitting. During this time the triumvirate hopped into the flower beds in daylight and remained until the stone mason left. They would return to resume their positions once the coast was clear.

The final weekend of upheaval and I was knelt digging up old roots so I could replant. Frag was nearby. I dug up a worm, looked at her, said bonnie appetite, tossed it her way and went about digging. Another one was unearthed, moved onto the trowel and again, tossed her way. She swallowed them whole. The third time, I looked sideways, instead of just tossing to the left, and she was two feet from me. I'm sure I saw a tongue flick and I tossed it her way.

After this I sat back, surveyed the six eyes glaring at me and said out loud to no one “right, this is too weird for even me”. I gathered up my tools, brushed off and sat upon my throne. The looks continued but at least I was on a higher level. They continued to stare til the last candles were extinguished and I found my bed. The frog songs began and continued throughout the night and I closed my eyes smiling.


Don't be shy. I know you've popped by :)