Friday, July 18, 2014

Imperial Moth

Twas a warm and rainy day, the kind where you walked with head down to avoid getting wet.  Unless you have an umbrella it doesn't happen so might as well walk with eyes wide open. On this particular day I'm glad I did walk with eyes downcast or I would have missed this beauty.  

Sweet heavens!  This moth was sheltered on a step doing its best to hide from the rain. When I saw it I stood in awe, seriously stood and stared.  What creature could this be I pondered.  The call went out and Judy recognized it as an Imperial Moth.  I have never seen such colours before and I've spent a lot of time in woods but this one was in an industrial area of town.  

Perhaps blown in by the wind its beauty will remain with me forever.  I can't express how speechless I was seeing this lovely.  I exhaled and smiled forgetting the day and gave thanks for the glory of nature. 

P.S.  Another was found the next day.  It had spots on its wings instead of stripes.  And if you zoom in you will see the rain drops on its cloak.  


  1. Wow Cheryl... a beautiful moth and just in time for "Moth WeeK".. It is beautiful and I so seldom see one, but would like to. I just put up NN for this week and I added your link. I usually get it up by Monday around this time...Michelle

    1. Thank you very much Michelle, this one took me breath away.

  2. never seen anything like it; great capture Carole, at

  3. Oh gosh, it's just gorgeous. I have never seen such a beautifully coloured moth.

  4. I've not seen a moth like that before. Very cool find!

  5. Cool sighting and great shots of the Moth!

  6. That is very pretty. Nice catch!


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