Saturday, November 08, 2014

One last life

his flesh wrinkled from the cold,
devoid of warmth and nourishment
enfolds upon itself, dry and tight,
following lines of his skeleton,
he prepares for the deep sleep
yet struggles to enjoy one last life
in the sun this chilly autumn day.


  1. great one!! to enjoy and every moment

  2. Awwww.... Have a good winters sleep!

    1. I know, sniff sniff, but I'm sure I'll see him in the spring.

  3. Hello Cheryl girl !
    What a beautiful poem .. I adore frogs and have since I was a toddler .. when I was very ill at 3 or so I kept calling for my pet frog Alfred .. I love frog song .. combine that with crickets and I am in heaven !
    I only wish we had a large enough garden for a pond to keep them .. fantastic picture !
    Joy : )


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