Thursday, April 02, 2015

Waking to the past

showers dissipate banks of snow
seeping into thawing earth
providing moisture to overwintered seeds
breaking hardened skins from year past

dawn awakens not with the sun
but with glorious bird song heralding
warmth and life, thought long dead
now released from winter past

my eyes watch a pileated woodpecker
sounding out the phone pole, while robins
feast on fermented apples hanging on
from the bountifulness of autumn past

shoots of bulbs waiting for warmer days
begin their ascent from earth, pale green tips
poke through wet earth heeding suns call
to wake and spread as in spring past

eyes open wide and nostrils flare
with scent of earth and birds on wing
in the garden, while trees bud stretch and yawn
and soon nature will live echoing summer past


  1. This is lovely.... I stood outside today just listening to the birds... Looking at the sky.... Loved it... I wondered how long we have been blog friends... 2009..... Pretty cool... Michelle

    1. We certainly deserve spring after that winter, it was a harsh one. I've heard geese flying over every morn and always stop, watch and say Welcome Back! I doubt if they hear me over their honking but it feels good.
      Me thinks you're right about 2009, wow. I knew I really really liked ya when you posted a link to What Frog Are You, hehehehe. This blog still has the badge and will always be there. Slainte to many more Michelle and thank you!

  2. Ah I can feel spring coming through your words m'dear, lovely.

    1. Thank you John. She took her own sweet time but that makes her arrival more special.


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