Sunday, May 10, 2015

Meet Potter

I was correct. Pooka and Petunia danced in the garden and Potter is the result.

I spotted mum and baby two weeks ago and delighted in the mother/child relationship during the evenings.

Saturday past I had the ultimate Disney moment. It was dusk and I was sitting out relaxing, inhaling spring when a movement caught me eye. There was Petunia hopping to a spot just across The Pond in full view of me. Right behind her was this wee furball. It nuzzled under her and began to nurse.

All of a sudden I could only see four tiny paws reaching for the sky. She took her right front paw, scooped it rightside and the widdle baby continued feeding. I tell ya, these eyes watered at this act of love. Petunia looked over at me and I whispered, “that's ok mum, I'll take my leave”. Rising slowly I went into the house and quietly closed the patio door leaving them in peace.

Yesterday I was about to step into one bed and saw a hollow in the groundcover. What to my wondering eyes did I see but Potter huddled safe and sound.

People have said ummm Cheryl you won't think it's so cute and cuddley when it eats all your plants. To them I say, having a baby bunnie around doesn't bother me at all. I can replace plants but could you deny these big bunnie eyes a safe home and free meal? I thought not ;)


  1. My friend who rehabbed bunnies suggested I grow clover for them and I do.... Michelle

    1. ooooooo there's a good idea Michelle! I prefer it to grass. It's my kind of no mow ground cover!


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