Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Feast of Blooms

Even though winter past was cold, brutally cold, and o so long, I can't remember when the flowering shrubs, Honeysuckle and Ruby Red Weigela, have bloomed so profusely. Their leaves are spot free; stems are sprouting from their trunks and their colours are vivid! So vivid they are bringing in hummers every day who are having a grand ole feast.

Each one has to have been planted at least 15 years ago and ever since they've hummed and hawed about their location. Both are tucked in to a corner, only receiving a hour or two of filtered sun a day; and subjected to bitter winter winds that blow through the garden. I swear it's like living in a wind tunnel when the wind blows.

I'm not a “grow or you go” gardener. I'm more a come on, you can do it, lets make Cheryl happy having given you a beautiful garden home to call your own. She doesn't use pesticides, herbicides, chemicals of any kind, only good ole home made compost mixed in with the sweet scent of shite. So perk up plants, take root and you'll be content as she.

early summer blooms
invite hummingbirds to feast,
nectar drips from tongue



  1. I am a " you didn't die" gardener... Lol

    1. I laughed so hard at your comment Michelle! Thanks for making me morn before shuffling off ta work :D

  2. Cheryl girl hello there ! .. isn't it strange how some of our plants have reacted to that horrible winter?
    Yours are doing GREAT ! .. some of mine are very slow to come Joe Pye is taking forever but I was so worried I had lost them .. I'm still not sure about my big butterfly bush .. Nanho Blue .. I think it is dead but I keep checking and hoping !
    That squirrel is a hoot .. I have seen ours lay like that in our big maple tree in the back garden too .. they are quite the characters.
    I love all you hanging baskets !
    It is so true we try so hard to create our own little Eden and it is for such a short period of time compared to all year gardeners ... but I think we need the rest anyways right ? .. we exhaust ourselves because the change is so dramatic ... phew !
    Take care : )


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