Sunday, June 21, 2015

Escargot anyone

Last summer I found snails floating about The Pond. O how interesting I thought. I wasn't surprised because it rained every few days and the garden was under siege by slugs so why not snails in the water. Watching them float around was a bit of a treat.

The day came when I realized the duck rice had disappeared. Not a teeny tiny leaf was to be found. Hhmmm, a quick search and yep, they luvvvvvvvvvvv duck rice. So out they came. I couldn't bring meself to do the deed so a toss over the fence worked for me.

Yesterday I was sitting back relaxing and what to me wondering eyes did I see, not one but dozens of the bastards, errr, creatures, floating about. I grabbed a container, squirted dish soap in then filled with water. The battle had begun!

I scooped out dozens of all sizes sneering as they dropped to the bottom. I put too much time and money into finding pond plants that a mere snail wasn't going to beat me this year. Besides The Pond doesn't need “cleaners” because it's in shade and has always remained crystal clear. 

Today they still keep coming and coming and I am ever ready with container and scooper waiting to fish them out.   Escargot gone :)


  1. Oh send them here for the pond.... Of course they would be eaten quickly... Michelle

    1. It has been a battle and I assure you I won !


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