Saturday, January 02, 2016

Crystals - Haibun

A few days after Christmas we were treated to hours of freezing rain. It wasn't unexpected with the temperatures we had. Christmas Eve warmed up to a high of 60. There is something wrong sitting on the patio at Christmas. It's just not right for this Canadian. I expect and want snow Christmas Eve and Day then it can pizz off.

It was a treat wearing running shoes sans socks in December. No mitts, no scarf, no boots, no parka; it was pure freedom from winter garb. But the best part was not having to scrape the cars windows at 6:30 am. O what joy that was. Every morning brought a “wooooo hoooo” from me as I walked to the car.

Then it came. A night of freezing rain. I curled up looking out and decided to look at the positive side. The trees were adorned with crystals all a shimmer. My town replaced the old lights with LED's autumn past and instead of that dreadful orange glow, every light emits a soft, pale green. The light shines down and out instead of up. While there are still too many lights on blocking the night sky at least it's an improvement.

These are my thoughts from that eve...

beneath street lights glow
trees glisten with crystal drops
after the ice storm

star field reflection
echoes through a frozen fog
settling in trees

pinpoints of shimmer
highlight apple trees bower
natures Christmas lights


  1. Cheryl... I just read the comment you left for me and you just made a very cranky women smile. Thank you so much! I haven't been in the yard since last weekend, but I can watch the flying squirrels from my window as they swoop in for the peanuts... Yes the freezing rain was not good and now the snow is falling...but the fliers will still fly... Hugs... Michelle

    1. You're very welcome Michelle. Smiling is always better when you're cranky ;) I would have loved to seen the fliers! It sounds magical...the fliers will still fly, nice! Hugs to you toooo

  2. __An interesting haibun, Cheryl, as we count each drop of ice passing through the tree limbs. Nifty!
    __Here I add my instantaneously inspired, yet humble echo, in complement.

    such clatter
    this blare of frozen rain
    a limb weave

    1. Thank you for visiting M. I am the one who is humbled. Your echo is superb!


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