Friday, February 26, 2016


Lately it's been hard to focus. I rambled about no snow and what to my wonderous eyes should appear but 2' of the white shite in one day. I've never experienced such downfall. I left work early and it took me an hour to uncover the car and arrive home. Usually it's 10 minutes. Unbelievable!

A few days later, an ice storm. I would rather have snow than ice. It's tippie toe all the way, even wearing cleats, praying I would make it. The downfall is the wretched neck and shoulder muscles are aching. Days later and they still are, mostly due to the nightly shovelling.

There are goblets half full moments. One is the landscape. When sun shines on the glistening trees it becomes a magical world, one filled with crystals dripping from worn down branches. From the waning full moon reflection through the ole maple to sunrises shimmering along the river oak tops, it tis a wonderous site.

The other moment is listening to the ice chimes that tinkle when the wind blows. Ice encrusted branches swing to and fro creating such a symphony that Stravinsky would be proud of. All that is missing are the bells of horse drawn sleighs through the snow.

we will pay for this”
echoes from my mothers mind
for a mild autumn


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