Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring has arrived

I feel like a child again. Spending days outside until the familiar call “Cherrrrrrryl! It is time to come in! Now! Young lady!” My response was always “but mummm”. Mum is long gone but I still have the need to be outside until common sense tells me tis time. At this time of year common sense would be pulling on another sweater, turning on the garden lights and gasp! putting on socks.

my soul has woken
to blue skies and warmth of earth,
life is refreshed

Five days past there was a drop of 6” of the white shite, Sorels and ice cleats were the required footwear. Today I was in barefeet. The boots are stored, shovels are at the back of the shed and the paddy-o-furniture is out. Ask me if I'm happy if you can stop me long enough from dancing.
sunshine and barefeet
stepping light in the garden,
earth warms the toes

The Pond was drained on Thursday eve, well almost drained. The pump decided to choke with 4” of water left to drain. I took the pump apart, poked, cleaned and dried it to no avail so spent 2 hours bailing the remaining water. I want it to dry completely to kill any left over critters. The past two years I have battled a snail invasion and while they are funky creatures they also eat plants that I've bought. For the last two years I purchased aquatics from a source and both years I've had that problem. While I would give them my business, gladly, I won't this year to prove a point to meself.

plucking wintered shells
out of the depths of blackness,
sun returns colour

Another benefit of draining The Pond was watching robins pick up gobs of mud to build their nests. It was non stop today. I finally followed one and found it sitting on the light over the side door. The nest is quite pretty. She plucked dried hydrangeas and used them in the nest. While I'm not too thrilled with it, I shall let them be. She has been on it most of the day so I can't take it down as there are probably eggs in it.

mud interwoven
with grasses and dried petals,
creates a love nest

Autumn past I planted dozens of golden crocus and winter aconite. Mostly around The Pond. They are robust and brilliant in colour. The Honeybees are enjoying them immensely! I'm very happy they found them. It was a small price to pay to ensure these tiny wonders and such a necessity in the food chain, are met with a feast after their winter sojourn.

honeybees seek food
amongst spring blossoms they flit,
quenching their life thirst


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