Friday, May 13, 2016

let the unfurling begin

shoots slowly poke from the warming earth,
lemon pennywort shows its chartrusesness,
bordering The Pond, casting its glow
the furling begins

solomons seals grow inches in a day,
its shoots two weeks ago now are 2' high
and begin their drooping descent
the furling begins

caramel coloured heuchera glows red
during sunshine, its leaves uncoiled from winters wrath,
then will fade to its name,a sweetness amongst the leaves
the furling begins

hostas creep out and upward, their leaves guaging
air tempertures, tempting each other as if its time,
yes it is I whisper to them shadowed by the sun
the furling begins

fiddleheads uncoil from deep roots
making their ascent into the orchestra of life,
fronds soon to take centre stage
tthe furling begins

checkered lilies, purple and white
open their petals to reveal
a patterened delight
the furling begins

daffies once plump in encased buds
unwrap themselveves revealing faces
shining bright towards the sunday
the unfurling begins

stalks wrapped in red ribbons
jack in the pulpits emerge swollen
ready for springs sermon
the unfurling begins...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Michelle. Spring is so enlightening! My favourite season for live begins once more.


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