Tuesday, July 05, 2016

You know it's dry when ...

I came home to survey the garden and what to my wondering eyes do I spy, but the birdbath ringed with ants drinking the water. I know it is dry but really?

We haven't had rain in over a month though there have been torrential downpours, it doesn't soak in because the ground is so hard. Add it to the stifling heat and wicked winds, moisture is sucked out of the earth in no time. And not just the earth. I watched the water level in The Pond drop nearly two inches in a three day period. When you can dig, the water line is at least a foot and a half below normal.

This wasn't good for June nor into July. All forecasts state "get use to it folks". Maybe we'll have lots of white shite this winter to compensate. I shudder at the thought but at least it's a cooling thought. ;)


  1. We too need rain... Not a good situation

    1. It isn't Michelle and it becomes worser every day. The soaker hose has become my friend :)


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