Sunday, December 20, 2020

Red amongst red


Tis been a hectic year, actually the last two have been years from Hades and finally, o so finally I’m in a place of such peace. I feel free to finally say FU to demands and am working an almost normal schedule.

I never lost my camera and my love of capturing life, especially in my garden. That will never happen. And so reviewing a lot of photos I am catching up with my posts.

Now this wee red rodent was a bane in me backside. The feeder was empty and so he decided to spend his time in one of the Begonia’s which was soon trashed from his digging.

Salvaged as it was I trimmed it and it’s now residing sleeping in the basement. Will it survive? Of course! I am a believer after all.

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  1. I have only seen a red squirrel a couple of time here..mostly grays....


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