Friday, January 15, 2021



After Dark,

my favourite CBC broadcast

surrounds me with easy vibes

I need this comfort this night

Tis a night worthy of soothing chords,

relaxing melodies, and peaceful vocals

making one forget the day, the week

I will wake in a new beginning

Running with Insanity plays,

I ponder such a fitting title for these days

though words sing of hope

will it last

White Shite is moving in,

thankful it’s the weekend

and not Sunday night

greased snow shovel awaits

bird feeder AKA squirrel feeder

is full, awaiting the blizzard

they need to eat too

as do I, but not during the storm

squirrels are spoiled

with leftover Christmas cookies,

Ginger Snaps are favoured

the zing provides a giggle

I wished an employee good life

a Syrian refugee who we gave a new beginning

he wrote my name in Arabic as a farewell

I am so honoured

rhymes are a tad off this night

this is more of a pondering

before I bid a good night

and wishing for a sound sleep

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  1. I feed the squirrels too...winters are long here...Michelle


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