Friday, March 12, 2021

Just a hug

 Tis been a year since I received a hug,

a hug, a simple physical emotion between two people

wrapping their arms around each other in celebration.

That celebration was my birthday.

This year there was no fine dining with dear-hearts,

no gathering of folk and friends,

just me, music, phone calls and e-mails.

The birthday cake was non-existent,

because the bakery was closed. Guess why.

It was replaced with a sliver of fine chocolate.

Kinda hard to light a candle in that.

I miss the humanity of celebration and I’m not alone.

If only we would respect each other by following rules.

I certainly do, at work I’m a designated essential service

or my job is. I’m there for employees though

I’d prefer to be elsewhere safe and sound.

But I’m there and find it difficult to remain hug-less

when a co-worker has just been diagnosed.

~sigh~ Tis so hard to deal with.

This may turn in to a rant, and I try not to here but

My message to the Covidiots is this,

STOP, just STOP!

Follow the rules. I’ve given up much of my emotional life,

as have my clan so why can’t you? It isn’t that hard.

And so my birthday continues with mixing pigments,

tuning into Motown, scribbling and finding an ooommmm.

for better days ahead.

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