Monday, May 10, 2021



my beautiful stones

created by earths movements

over untold centuries

smoothed by rivers flow

by rivers flow

and tides washing in, washing out

gently smoothing the raggedness

creating jewels, a pleasure to the touch

to the touch

one feels the energy of creation

amethysts of divine colour

buried in the cliffs of my county

of my county

specks of gold in iron deposits

hidden in outcroppings

beyond everyday reach of human

reach of human

or without reach of my hands

citrine, lemon coloured ice crystals

woven into bracelets for a dear friend

a dear friend

chose her stones of jade, leopard jasper

and earthly variations of local agates,

earth colours befitting her soul

befitting her soul

my stone is moss agate

the name alone suits me

I wear the stones knowing...

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