Friday, December 03, 2021

Evening visitors

As night falls, though it’s truly the sun that falls while moon rises, moon rising creatures begin to appear. The creatures I write of are those who live during the day but pay their final visit to the feeder as daylight fades and darkness begins. Perhaps I should write of evening visitors instead.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal soar in seeking seed tossed aside from the bird/squirrel feeder. They were a tad too late as the squirrels fed fully this day and there wasn’t a seed, a nut, or even so much as a peanut skin left. Their visit wasn’t long. After poking at the ice covered pond for refreshment and finding none they flew towards the winding river.

Squirrels made one last visit before seeking their nest. There are now three, two greys and one black. Where there brothers and sisters have gone are no one’s guess and I don’t want to guess with the speeding traffic on my street. The remaining family are plump with fluffy tails, similar to toilet brushes in size and fullness.

Northern Junco’s appeared without their “ping ping ping” song. Perhaps their vocal chords are still in summer mode. They were joined with Nuthatches, big and bold walking upside down on the tree’s until they land in the feeder. It takes a while. I would too and I wonder if their heads rush causing them to wonder which side is up...or down.

Tis twilight, when the sun has bade nightie night, and the moon smiles, and stars have begun to twinkle. It’s one of my favourite moments in time when the night sky is sparkling with life in galaxies beyond ours. It is a restful night, a peaceful night.


  1. Lovely words Cheryl, they capture the joy of observing and being part of nature's change of shift.

  2. Thank you John! It is nice to see you scribbling again :)


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