Thursday, April 11, 2024

First rain of Spring


First rain of Spring falls

on earth now warmed,

releasing worms to wiggle

their way upwards.

Buds of flowering shrubs

have begun to appear,

slowly unfurling their colour

reaching for the sun.

Robins are nesting

creating a home with grasses

dangling, held with mud

soon to hold eggs.

Crocus, Scilla, and Daffies

are blooming, spattering

the garden with their pallet

of purple, blue and yellow.

Fragrance of maple syrup

boiling in the woods

makes one deeply inhale

savouring this yearly event.

Skies are filled with Geese

returning from their southern break

Finches, Blue Jays, Black Birds,

among so many fill the feeders.

Windows are opened,

just a tad, inviting fresh air into

a home once closed, while

quilts are aired on the line.

Spring has arrived

ever welcomed from Winter

when senses and colours

are dulled, now there is life.

There is a renewal...

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