Saturday, November 17, 2007

Theatre Days

Watching the opening of Shrek 3 reminded me of my theatre days. O what fun was had. Mind you this was very amateur theatre. I giggle remembering the time of tugging a drunken elf from the bushes just before his debut. "I had dinner at me aunties and she served this lovely honeywine" was his excuse. Uh hunh, just don't forget your lines and git yer arse out dere. Or the time during A Midsummers Night Dream when moi, the costume mistress, was o so working under the wire that me home was filled with faeries all needing fitting the night before the opening. Sequins and paint filled this home for weeks after. I wore a childs 6-gun holster filled with sparkle spray canisters at the ready during those shows. Then the time of a prima donna actor with a wee cut. Having rather hairier then natural legs I dressed his wound and applied surgical tape. Insert evil grin. There was a yelp when he removed the bandage. Dressing Gods during one show was particular fun. "Wanna pin me chest" was often heard at which I blushed, smacked the lad on the arm and said "hold still or I'll pin more then your chest". Of course doors failing to open, curtains caught in highwires, and the "techie" issues all bring to mind the fun afterwards. There was alot of work and trials and tribulations at the time but pondering back I laugh.

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