Thursday, November 22, 2007

Winter has Arrived

Ugghhh, Winter has arrived at The Pond. Two days of snow and ice and wind has covered the landscape in a blanc cloak. The blandness leaves one depressed. Where is the colour, the texture, the scent of a living land? Tis asleep for six months, six months of stagnation, boredom, and if I were a bear hibernation. Hhmmm, me thinks those urises have a good thing going. Hole up in a warm den under a fur carpet and ponder til Spring.
O I do enjoy the four seasons, I need them but this is the one change I do not look forward too. Tis just the curtailing of outdoor ponderings I miss. Not too mention the freedom of clothing. Now I don the Sorels, the parka, the mitts, the scarf, the Stanfields, the toque, and the most dreaded of all...socks ! No wonder our mums groaned when we wanted to play outside in the winter.

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  1. I Am A Happy Man.
    As I sit here in the warmth of a pleasing 30c early summers day.
    I somewhat gloat at the thought of friends tightly packed in the wraps of winter.
    What is it with me and the joy of Summer surounding me?
    Why am I so self centredly pleased with mine-self?
    It could be the sight of my winters toil, looking back at me through the fern filtered shade of my back verandah?
    All fruit laden with the future yield of summers salads.
    All cat problems solved with the simple,but effective procurment of a small puppy. The joy.
    Yes.... I am a happy man. :)


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