Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night........

We all know that beginning but did you know there is a site dedicated to Wretched Writers of The World. The results are in for 2008 which I've been anxiously waiting much like a nine year old waits for the Sears Christmas Wish Book to arrive in August so the Dear Santa list can be started knowing she has at least four months to clean up her act. Okies, that was not an entry :) I can write much worser though I prefer to call them ponderings. Anyhoo this is the website I have yet to figer out how to create those neat over thingies where you hold your mousie over highlighted words and the website magically appears so copy and paste will do you for now. Enjoy !!!


  1. took me some figgering but I now know..I can be bribed..:)))))


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