Sunday, August 03, 2008

Notes To Self

Do not pot up in pure compost. Thought I was saving fertilizing but d’oh compost is mostly nitrogen. The Lantanas have never been as green.

Never have the last goblet of Merlot on a Sunday eve when Monday is a civic holiday. Quebec is an hours drive.

Do not start painting a room on the leftist wall when one is right handed. Does Tide really wash the paint off ones bum?

Even if the local Doppler shows no rain within a 500 miles radius roll up the car windows. Never mind the neighbours cat likes to curl up inside.

When watching a Pipe band have handy a battery operated fan for failed breeze. Better yet enjoy during a Hurricane 5.0 force wind.

Press the automatic car window button down when you want it to go down. Vicie versie if you want it up. Maybe me rhythm is off.

Recount the cans of Chick Peas in the cupboard before shopping. Hhmmm, do canned goods really last 3 years?

Do not put damp towels in the dryer waiting for a rainless day. That green is not the original colour.

O I'm sure there will be more for if it weren't for stickies I'd be lost :D


  1. re the Merlot... plan ahead....:))))

  2. hehehehehe Confused, twas a damp weekend ;)


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