Saturday, January 10, 2009

Le Ice Full Moon

Evening sky the hue of baby’s skin,
slowly turned to a shade of blue grey
yet twas gentle on the eyes.

The moon rose quickly, nearly full
though clouds swirled attempting
to veil its lunar beauty.

Crème in colour, its outline fading
swept by a brush fading into the night sky
as it subdued the moon.

Crisscrossed silver threads,
surrounded in a barbed softness
binding one so tightly.

Is it bound, struggling to break free
from the grasp of mere clouds
easily torn and shredded?

Or is it merely stretching, preparing
for its glowing arrival
to shine upon us on the morrow.

January 11 brings us the Ice Full Moon. Rather fitting in this bone chilling cold, as it makes its presence known when snow crunches under each step. It is the largest of the full moons this year and I for one will be waiting and watching even if it’s just to wave at that man in the moon .....


  1. Let us know if he waves back :)

    Just cruising around catching up on my reading...nice thoughts Cheryl...

  2. you almost make winter seem pleasant..almost..:)

  3. I do so like the light from a large full moon. Thank you for illuminating my evening.

  4. Hmmmmmm... you capture the strength and energy of winter and the Ice Full Moon:) I s'ppose every season has its own appeal and magical quality (smile)!

  5. Thank you Braja, he not only waved he winked ;)

    Awwwww confused, make no mistake I detest these months but you know the saying "life gives you raspberries, you make Merlot" or something like that :)

    ooooo Eric, good one ! Tis a beautiful sight this night, I hope you see it down there tooooo

    Cath, I try to find the best in each season, just wait til The Pond thaws, you ain't read nuffin yet, hehehehe

    Thank you all for dropping by and may the moon shine upon you, :) Cheryl

  6. Hi Cheryl, cool about the moon. It is also called the howling moon or wolf moon. It is visible from my kitchen window early evening, it entrances me. Now I shall wave at it. :-)

  7. Wasn't it glorious Frances, and even now it shines thru my kitchen window in the morn :) Cheryl

  8. I only wish I could have seen it!

    Been cloudy and fridged most every night.

  9. It was a sly one this year Speedy, and having to bundle up like the Michelin Man didn't make it more endearing, hehehehehe Cheryl


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