Saturday, January 24, 2009

One Lone Dove

One lone dove
his love long lost
huddled on the bench
sheltered from the wind
seeking solace
from the cold.

While I watch
one eye peers
back at me
as his head tilts
staring, thinking
will she disturb my roost?

Curtain falls
leaving him be
with his thoughts
of his lost love
and why he braves
his life alone.


  1. That is really lovely...

  2. Now I feel very sad and your poem tugged at my heart. Well done.

  3. Beautiful and sad (at the same time)! And, yet - so many people and creatures journey through life 'alone and/or lonely'.

  4. Michelle, thank you :)

    Welcome to The Pond Rebecca, I see him every day and can't help but feel for him

    Cath, thank you and you're so right, that is one lonely road for any creature


  5. Beautiful. Such a word picture Ponderer. This one has sent me goosey.
    June in Oz

  6. aawwwww June, thank you, it was a quickie while I watched him

  7. I have been told that a Dove mates for life. If the mate meets an unfortunate fate, they will not seek another. Your poem evokes a sorrowful light for this reason.

    Beautiful poem.


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