Monday, May 02, 2011

Morning in May

Misty May morning
rivers current creates soothing sounds
as I inhale its beauty


  1. Stunning images, both within the photo and within your words.

    Thank you for stopping by my place to visit. Great to hear from you.

  2. How beautiful ! Stopping by via Dan Baker's blog...glad I did!

  3. Thank you Reflections, good to see you too :)

    Akannie welcome to The Pond, especially coming from Dan's, he is a master.

  4. HI Cheryl,

    A very lovely little piece! Just what I need to read right now, thank you!

    Sorry I havn't droped by the pond much lately, work is absolutely killing me at the moment, and it doesn't at all look like letting up. It's actually getting a bit difficult to accept the conditions there, my company made AUD$2.6bn profit (yes, that's billion!) in the last six months and they continue to cry poor and want to cut costs. What that means is they cut down on staff and those that are left have to work ever loner hours without any thanks or reward - cause the comany is doing it so tough lol. It's a joke really. Anyway, sorry, this is a bit of a novel. As i said, a great little piece and really what I need to read at the moment!

  5. I just read your comment above, you are way too kind! I am far from a master I'm afraid...just a dabler. :)

  6. Dabbler Dan ;), I hear you o so hear you. That's why I ponder.

  7. Your lovely haiku is the perfect match for that stunning photo.

  8. Thank you muchly Madeleine, that was taken along the river winding thru my town and it was one of those ahhhhhh mornings.


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