Saturday, June 04, 2011

In you...

In you I feel a gentle summers breeze
caressing my neck cooling me down,
In you I watch Chickadees bathe in cool water
before feeding each other and flying off,
In you I see the brilliant colours of a Blue Jay
standing proud while he sips,
In you I hear warbling of Sparrows
as lovers often sing while they court,
In you I see a Robin feeding her daughter
plump worms from me trowel travels,
In you I take delight when Fog and Sog
hop into The Pond for a cool swim,
In you I feel the summers sun
warming myself as I smile in her glory,
In you I relish Ella and Her Fella’s
singing thru the garden on this gentle night,
In you I feel love…

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  1. Beautifull,,serene,,happiness,,thanks for bringing me there,,,thanks for sharing !


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