Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Winters Avian Ode

Snow falls heavily this Christmas night
wrapping the garden in a cloak of white,
tis cold while I spread boughs of evergreens
amongst the barren branches only to be seen
by the refugees from winter storms
providing warmth and a subtle sheen.

They need substance these nights of cold
shelter from the north wind that blows bold,
I shall protect you with all me might
avian creatures of the light
who give me hope of life
during these long winter nights.


  1. Beautifully done! I don't like cold weather, but I've always loved birds. Your actions and your words are beautiful things, and recipients of both are quite grateful I'm sure. Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much Cap'n. I agree I detest Winter more and more, ugghhhh but goblet half full is I'm privileged to enjoy the four seasons. Happy Sails to you...


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