Monday, September 30, 2013

Autumns Embrace

Beneath turquoise sky
weathered grape vines
wrap selves around auburn limbs
in a garland of citrone jewels.

Pots of garnet mums
sparkle in the sun
as the morn dew evaporates
leaving blossoms feather soft to the touch.

Frost kissed maple leaves
fall silently onto the garden path
weaving an aubusson carpet
of colours dyed by mother natures hands.

Ripened walnuts
lined on top of the fence
wait for squirrels to take them home,
to their winter larder for the season ahead.

Tightly woven webs
shimmer in sun beams
snagging leaves and begone insects
twirling them in the warm autumn breeze.

Maple keys
so brown and plump
await for plucking by tender fingers
to be carried off to nests for the winter.

Land gulls drift
upon the gentle current
feathers of white in the air
forming crystals in the sun shine.

Warm breeze flows
through the garden
enticing leaves to dance though
dry and crinkled they join the pace.

This low sun
creates intriguing shadows
capturing the other worldly
in the undergrowth of the garden.

Autumns embrace
in the soft warm sun
under a bower of glorious colours
soothes this weary soul.


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