Sunday, August 31, 2014

First sign of Autumn

The past two mornings I haven't been able to enjoy me tea on the patio. Petite la Rouge had been busy in the Walnut tree canopy sending a barrage of ripe walnuts down. Unless I donned a hard hat and shoulders pads I wasn't about to suffer the smacks, and they do hurt.

Yesterday I collected and piled nearly two dozen onto an old park bench at the rear of the garden.  Out of harms way but mostly my own. Tis not a pleasant way to begin the day tripping and spraining an ankle or two.

Earning afternoon I could hear nattering and munching coming from that direction so took a walk around. There he was having a jolly old feast. The pile was nearly gone when I spied him sampling and scurrying off to lay in provisions for the winter that may be here sooner then we like.

Makes one wonder, which one of us is more intelligent. Me for picking and stacking in one easy to get to location, or him knowing I will provide an all you can eat buffet in one convenient place. In other words who has whom trained, hhhmmmmm.  


  1. We have a long way to go for understanding critters. It could have been he put a spell on you to lay them in a convenient spot! Cute bugger - love the black stripe on his side.

    1. I wouldn't doubt it Casey. He's been here for a couple of years and while the reds can be destructive he does amuse me.


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