Monday, August 04, 2014

Pip and Squeak

Heavy rains from last week washed a couple of new friends into The Pond. Just what Froggo needed, companionship of a more 4 legged kind.

This is Pip. He's the cutttttttttttttttttest wee frog I've ever seen. Light brown in colour he's pictured here next to a 'skidder to show his teeny weeney itsey bitsey size. He is small enough to sit on a quarter. 

Next up is Squeak. Why the name? Because he squeaks of course! The only one to produce any kind of sound. Mostly he squeaks jumping into and out of the water, but I'll take it. He seems to be staring at King Frog wondering if he'll ever grow as big. Who knows what goes on in their brains.


Don't be shy. I know you've popped by :)