Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter (again) - Haiku

Yet more haiku on a cold and snowy winters night ~sigh~
What can I say but I'm a child of the season.

shadows from street light
shows your presence furry one,
Pooka dines on seed

calming music sings
from Chill Lounge this winters night,

night sky is veiled
with a frigid white fabric,
folds without movement

Groundhog Day weekend
repetition of last twelve,
pinch me when over

drifts cover my tracks
along rivers vacant trail,
snowshoes know the path

feeder is barren
while birds seek shelter in wood,
squirrels aren't complaining

if I ever hear
winters wonderland" again,
snowballs at ten paces    ;)


  1. The last sentiment in your haiku make me chuckle. For me any welcome for a "winter wonderland" ends after Christmas. After that I am ready for spring. Sadly winter never obliges.

    1. I hear you Jennifer. Snow for Christmas Eve and Day then it can melt. I'm tooooooo old for the white shite but not tooooo old for snow balls ;)

  2. LOL... yes I am too...I want another season now...Michelle

    1. We're ready for it Michelle and will welcome it with open arms. Bring it on!


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