Saturday, September 12, 2015

Moving Day

End of the work week and I sat back enjoying the garden and its creatures. I sought solace after an emotional week, not to mention temperatures usually found in Hades. Or so I'm told.  I spotted Bart one of the resident black squirrels making its way along top of the fence. I sat upright and thought what is that in its mouth? It's furry and there's a long tail swooshing to and fro. Squirrels eat nuts and birdseed and veggies, not each other! My eyes followed it up into a recently built nest in one of the acacia's in the front garden. Hhhmmm.

Bart made its way back on top of the fence, then through the trees into the trees in the back. I dashed inside for my camera to sit in wait. This is just too bizarre I thought. I sat and sat with eyes scanning the fence. He tricked me! I saw movement among hostas. He had another! In his mouth. Only it wasn't black but grey. O no you didn't raid Petit la Rouges nest 'cause he won't be happy I said out loud.

Again I watched Bart and its captive climb into the nest. Soon after, the ole grey squirrel whom I call White Tip because of the white tips on its ears appeared in the next tree. I know, I know, not imaginative but it works for me. It joined Bart and they ummmm appeared friendly if you know what I mean. How does one differentiate between squirrel sexes without actually looking real close.

My eyes returned to the nest and there they were. One black and one grey squirrel babies. The baby black joined Bart or maybe I should call it Bartess? And they played in the tree. The young grey remained in the nest watching. Where White Tip went, I don't know. Maybe for take out ?

I guess it was time to move to a more scenic spot but I was certainly surprised to find the mix in one family. I wonder if there is such a thing as striped squirrels, kinda sorta like skunks or zebras. Now that would be too cool! The good thing about the new nest is that it isn't up too high so that's usually a good indicator of little white shite. And that's a real good thing!

P.S.  if you click on the photo it enlarges so you can see the two captives  ;)


  1. Hmmm.... there is always something to watch and wonder about in nature..Michelle

    1. Nothing surprises me any more Michelle. During the monsoon rain Sunday I watched a baby red squirrel make a jump for a frog. Silly squirrel landed in The Pond. Boy o boy, it didn't take it long to scramble out, perhaps shocked from the sound of my laughter ;)


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