Sunday, September 06, 2015

Where has the birdsong gone...

It has been weeks since I've heard the wonderous birdsong in the morning. Me thinks mums and dads have raised their chicks and so they venture onward without the encouragement of their parents. Personally I feel sad without their song but it is the circle of life.

Robins had two broods this year. Only one hatchling each made it to life. I was blessed to watch and hear their their upbringing. Early evenings found a parent perched on the roof chortling while the babe did its best to answer. At first I thought what is the noise but once I realized the chatter were them conversing to each other I had an ommm moment. The babe was doing its best to mimic its parent. This conversation lasted for weeks and I found myself rushing out to the garden after supper just to enjoy it.

I was delighted to receive a family of blue jays to the garden. Their visit lasted only a week but o what a week it was. The parents and five baby blues galavanted through the trees and wrecked havoc at The Pond. As I said to a friend the babies are jokesters, spinning on branches, attempting to walk on the pond plants and alighting on the table with me a mere 2' away. All the while nattering amongst themselves. They were full of life and adventure.

Sparrows have now sought other comforts. I truly miss this one sparrow who hopped about the garden and bathed itself every evening. It glided in as silently as the breeze and took refuge in the bird bath. A few minutes later, off it hopped only to take wing at the garden border. Just a brief pause to cleanse itself from the days gathering.

For a time I needed to not set the alarm clock for I was awakened at 4:30 a.m. on the dot! by birdsong. With windows wide open their “good morning” was all I needed. Now I hear the constant drone of crickets and tree frogs. This tells me summer is coming to an end and the white shite of cold and vacant life will soon appear. While I relish their song I still miss the wonderous voices of birdsong.  


  1. Yes, you voiced my feelings too... Michelle

    1. I really noticed the difference this year Michelle. Maybe it was because of the abundance of songbirds and their young. Darn eh, I miss them


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