Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Moving Day

It was another sweltering day when I stepped outside. White tips, the grey squirrel was sitting in the maple and began to natter when he saw me. What? Moi? He knows me well enough so I thought a cat must be nearby.

Movement among the shrubs led my eyes to a black squirrel. Struggling, it climbed up the fence and on to the rail. I stood and squinted, wondering why it was so large and then I realised it was carrying something.

Moments later, after running into the house for the camera, my eyes focused on its luggage.  AHA ! It was moving day ! In its mouth was a baby being gently carried along the fence top.  Every time it stopped there were squeaks of I don't wanna go!  Well, I'm imagining that was the phrase.  

I watched as it ran, well more like scampering as squirrels tend to do. Across one side, a tight right onto the chain link fence pipe, then into the hedge. Another squirrel joined the parade but I believe it was more of an escort. Onto the neighbours roof and out of sight.

I had seen this only once before when there was a parade of adults carrying their young ones to a nest in the front garden. Then as now, it's amazing how caring they can be. I do hope they haven't moved far as I've been enjoying watching 5 or 6 youngsters spill out of the nest at first light, wrestling, chasing and cavorting with each other.   

As I watched them scurry across the roof I whispered...don't forget to write.

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