Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Hero

I had searched through friends, phone books, the world wide webs for a hero and finally found him. It came about last week when a neighbour called to warn me of a porcupine in the apple tree. Sure, ok, why am I not surprised Ross. An elephant yes, I would be surprised as they aren't native to this area, but a porcupine, ummm no.

While I had him on the phone I enquired who his roofer was, having had a new roof installed the week before. He gave me his name and number with a great reference. I called the next day and left a message. The following day he called me back saying he was in the neighbourhood and could he drop by. YES! I practically screamed.

We met and reviewed my predicament. The removal of the three old roof vents to be replaced with heavy metal; and I would not object to them being electrified. We discussed dollars and time line; and he left saying I'll let you know. I've heard that before but I had hope in him.

Fryday his truck pulled in and I ran out to meet him. Screw the acting cool and nonchalant, I was desperate. Here was a man with tools and knew how to use them! I was NOT letting him out of my sight.

I stood guard as the red fecker was in the walnut tree nattering and foot stomping knowing full well what was taking place. My Hero replaced all the vents with heavy duty screening over the openings, then screwing down the metal roof vents.

This morning I laid in bed laughing while listening to the red feckers wee fists beating on the vents and nattering like a sailor. I finally won and there is no way he can chew through them.
If something does happen, my Hero will be here after one call. Life is good again.

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