Saturday, June 05, 2021

Robins nursery


I must be living a good life and one with nature.

Last year there were three nests with mums’ nestled in.

One was vacated after a hawks visit. A bold one it was.

The mum left never to return after the attack.

This year there has been one successful brood of two babes

who are thriving in the garden, and they are huge!

Rick and Roll bathe daily in the Pond, each taking their time.

I am quite happy with their growth.

Rick and Roll sprung from the nest over the drive side door.

After they left, another mum redecorated the nest to her liking.

Presently there are two babes, again, sheltered, loved,

and now daily screaming “feed me” “feed me”.

I tried to banish nesting on the column at the main entrance

but she worked over night and within 12 hours her home was woven.

What could I do after her energy spent building her nest?

Ruth and Rupert are now proud parents of two babes.

I warned both that this was my home so deal with my living here

and I will be entering and exiting this doorway at all hours.

That hasn’t worked out so well as both parents are a tad protective,

dive bombing and loudly chirping their warning when I’m near.

To date there was one successful brood and two more on their way.

Last year there were four broods out of two nests. Not bad at all.

Mind you the weather was more agreeable and they all survived

without late snow blizzard and freezing temperatures.

Nature does sing its own tune and I happily sing along.

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